Balcony Design Ideas

Outdoor spaces are limited in a major city, but even a small balcony is a wonderful little bonus for every apartment. If you are lucky to have your own outdoor space, it can be the best hideaway to relax and enjoy some fresh air. See my favorite balcony designs here, to inspire you with your balcony decoration.

Even a really tiny space has the potential to be a refuge from the rest of the apartment, where you can relax under the sun. Balconies are extensions of your home and should be connected with your indoor interiors. By adding the right decoration you can create a comfortable and charming outdoor space. An cozy outdoor seating area, lanterns, flowers and plants in beautiful pots are all you need to create your little outdoor paradise.

Here is a collection I have put together to inspire you to create your special outdoor space.

Make your balcony comfy with many cushions.

small balcony ideas

©  Detalher Mágicos

small balcony ideas

© Time for Fashion

Various plants and flowers transform your balcony into pleasant oases.

Small balcony ideas

© Butlers

small balcony ideas




White Hammock Chair from houzz

White lantern and watering can from Butlers

Outdoor cushions and deck chair from INTERIO

White candle holder from H&M HOME

Balcony Design Ideas


small balcony ideas

© Butlers


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