I cannot tell about myself to be technically skilled, but I am definitely strong-willed and creative. When I started decorating my apartment, I really wanted to have some self-made unique pieces, to give my home a very personal touch. So I set my mind on making my own piece of furniture. Some video tutorials later I build this beautiful pallet table. It´s definitely not perfect, but I´m damn proud to have this self-made unique coffee table at home.


For a simple coffee table, the pallet can be further processed in its original form without cutting. First, the raw wood pallet is abraded with an orbital sander. The first rough grinding is performed with a 80 grit, later the pallet can be sharpened with a 120 grit sandpaper.
If you want to get the typical industrial charm, you can either leave it untreated or paint it with an acrylic paint in any color. Here it does not depend on perfection, the paint is applied with a paint roller so that the wood remains visible in places. Alternatively, wood stain can be used for painting. I used a dark wood stain for my pallet table, as you can see in the pictures.
Note: Wood stain should be used only in well-ventilated areas – this is not only healthier but also speeds up the drying process. Normally, it takes one to two days until the stain is completely dry.
Caster wheels with a locking brake are best suited for the coffee table. The four casters are fixed with the appropriate screws on the bottom of the pallet. That´s it! 

Here is what you need

1 Pallet (EPAL – Euro Pallet)
Orbital sander
Wood stain (or just paint in a color you like)
4 caster wheels with locking brake
Screws to fix the castor wheels
Cordless screwdriver


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